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Thinking About Living and Working as a Nurse in the U.S.?
Strategic offers you a variety of unique opportunities to live and work in new places while expanding your professional horizons. Whether you're taking a brief leave of absence from your current position or thinking about staying in the States indefinitely, our knowledgeable and caring staff will make your move as painless and stress-free as possible, guiding you every step of the way. Our experienced licensing, immigration and housing specialists coordinate your pre-employment arrangements and advise you on all aspects of your relocation to the United States.

Understand your options for living and working as an RN in America
To work in the U.S., foreign-trained nurses must obtain either a temporary visa, offered in increments of one to three years, or a permanent visa for a green card or permanent residency. Because temporary visa are not available to most international nurses, Strategic sponsors international applicants through permanent visas only.

Temporary Visas: Categories H-1C and 1B
Many nurses mistakenly believe that an H-1B visa is available to registered nurses. The truth is, however, that less than one percent of nurses are eligible for this visa due to its educational and specialty practice requirements, making it an impractical method of entry into the U.S. The H-1C visa is even more restrictive, with only 500 issued each year and, then, only for certain hospitals meeting strict requirements.

Permanent Visas: Consular Processing
If you're a foreign-trained, experienced nurse interested in expanding your horizons while working and living in the U.S., we will sponsor you for a green card through consular processing. During consular processing, which takes approximately 10 to 18 months, you remain in your home country until your sponsorship is complete. In exchange for sponsorship, Strategic Healthcare requires an employment commitment of no less than 24 months.

For the latest immigration information, please visit the Hammond Law Group.

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Strategic Healthcare also recruits and places Canadian RNs at acute and sub-acute care facilities throughout the U.S. If you are a Canadian RN, you may be admitted under NAFTA with a "TN," a nonimmigrant temporary work authorization.
To qualify for a TN, you must present a job offer from a U.S. employer, a VisaScreen Certificate, your nursing diploma and a Canadian passport and/or birth certificate to a U.S. immigration officer at a U.S. Port of Entry, either at a border or an international airport. Eligible dependents will be granted a "TD" status and may enter for the duration of your authorized stay.

TN work authorization is granted in maximum increments of one year and may be renewed by returning to a Port of Entry or by petitioning for an extension by mail several months before your period of authorized stay expires.

We will help you with the process and-even better-will pay and/or reimburse you for ALL of your TN-related expenses




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